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It is utmost delight that we offer you to enroll at NETIZENS FOUNDATION ACADEMY OF MATHS AND SCIENCE.

It has been an interesting seven years for as it opend its doors on 7th Oct. 2000 through Netizens' Computers Today, we are entering on large platform it opend its doors on 2nd July. 2007 through Netizens College of Information Technology and Professional Studies then NETIZENS FOUNDATION ACADEMY OF MATHS AND SCIENCE Students from all sections of society, receive quality computer education at Netizens'. They all learn computers, study and work together for a lovable living!

As you be all aware, 'SUCESS' at Netizens' is considered much more than 'SCORING' in exams. It is rather about being yourself, about pursuing what you believe in, and in doing just that. Remeber, we want each one of you to surpass yourself and in that, we demand no less than complete participation from your end. Yes, we are indeed a "challenging place" to study at, for we are engrossed in making you the best. If you embody the spirit or "right action", we as an institution will support you through the entirety of your enterprise.

Netizens' is itself a unique place to live, learn and perform. Netizens' is not only about education and learning; alongside, it is your asset for the lifetime. It is only Ten years old, has made a mark in providing quality education, prompt and promised services at the picturesque distination of Latur. The well designed institute contained excellent lab facilities, seminar hall, library, reading room and all other. Netizens' was Awarded as the best training centre of the year 2004 by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd (MKCL). The institute has an innovative curriculum including "practice of life skills" as a part of any course.

We invite you to be part of our world. It is any wonder than that the world says, come to Netziens' n' just join the world!