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Life skills Development Program

From the standpoint of inculcating value education, communication and entrepreneurial skills are deliberated upon effectively. Customized communication guidance, laboratory-based English training, leadership inspiration, yoga, meditation and many more soft skills are imbibed into students, alongside explaining their significance in a competitive world.

For the overall development of students, we imbibe in students "Life Skills" like dedication, commitment, hard work, reliability, sincerity, team spirit and transparency. We also conduct industry perspective building classes. It is mandatory for students to organize and attend internal events. This adds to their skills and increases their chance for placements.

Value System :

  • Demonstration of Sincerity
  • Dedication towards achieving the objective
  • Believes that there is no alternative to hard work
  • Integrity is always at the ore of great success
  • Teamwork is the sure way to bigger result
Unlearning, Learning, Re-Learning :
  • A constant learner, develops lifelong learning skills that support continuous education
  • Achieves high standards of literacy.
  • Manages Information
  • Demonstrates aesthetic awareness
Diverse Thinking :
  • Demonstrates a variety of thinking processes.
  • Integrates new information with existing knowledge and experience
  • Applies thinking skills strategically
Entrepreneurial Mind set :
  • Views a problem, as an opportunity
  • Delivers results with minimum resources
  • Is a self-starter
  • Capable of innovative solutions and lateral thinking
  • Not averse to risk taking
Social Responsibility :
  • Demonstrates individual responsibility
  • Practices a healthy lifestyle
  • Understands and promotes the democratic principles of freedom, justice and equality
  • Participates in activities that promote the public good
Collaboration and not Competition :
  • Understands and serves in a variety of roles.
  • Facilitates groups effectively
  • Uses resources effectively
  • Work with a variety of population
  • Responds appropriately to complex interrelationships
Employability :
  • Well prepared to obtain and keep employment in fields of interest
  • Capable of changing careers and seeking additional training as needed
  • Plans for a career
  • Functions effectively within a system

Classes in Personal Communication is not only verbal but also non-verbal like mannerism, style, dressing up, social movements, voice modulation etc. Business and corporate communication courses include industry writing, knowledge of diverse industries, presentation skills, reporting and analysis.